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Videos & Galleries

Here are presented Shortcodes for Videos and Image galleries.

[title type=”h2″ class=””]Vimeo Video[/title]


[title type=”h2″ class=””]YouTube Video[/title]


[title type=”h2″ class=””]Content sliders with Video, Images or Text[/title]
[title type=”h3″ class=””]Medium Slider[/title]

[title type=”h3″ class=””]Small Slider[/title]

[title type=”h3″ class=””]Mini Slider (can be placed in Sidebar)[/title]

[raw][minigallery id=”” title=”MiniGallery” prettyphoto=”false”][/raw]
[code][minigallery id=”” title=”MiniGallery” prettyphoto=”false”][/code]
[minigallery id=”” title=”MiniGallery with PrettyPhoto” prettyphoto=”true”][/raw]
[code][minigallery id=”” title=”MiniGallery with PrettyPhoto” prettyphoto=”true”][/code]

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